Lark light

£390.00 / pair

Light weight rim brake road wheels in a 20 hole front and 24 hole 2:1 laced rear hubs.

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Lightweight, dependable wheelset for fast road riding with traditional rim brakes – we would like to introduce the Lark Light wheelset.

The next generation of our high performance lightweight road wheelset. Based around our lightest hubs including stainless bearings laced to our 25mm wide (20mm internal), tubeless compatible road rim.

Another evolution of our Lark wheelset, the Lark20 rim as its name suggests features a 20mm internal width to support tyres of any width and improve handling and air flow over the rim for faster riding. The rear wheel is built with a 2:1 lacing pattern with 16 spokes on the drive side and 8 on the non-drive-side for maximum strength and even spoke tensions.

Our J-bend wheelset is the lightest option and features lighter hubs with smaller flanges and bearings, the straight-pull hubs have larger bearings and flanges so offer a more durable hub and a stiffer ride quality although with a small weight penalty. We recommend the J-bend wheelset for riders up to 90kg and the straight-pull wheelset for riders up to 100kg. If you are looking for stronger wheels for touring or commuting try our Lark strong wheels with options for 24, 28 and 32 hole counts with no rider weight limits.

As stock these wheels are available with these options:

hubs : JRA light road hubs, J-bend or Straight-Pull
rim : JRA Lark rims, 20 hole front 24 hole 2:1 rear. 20mm internal, 25mm external and 25mm depth.
spokes : Sapim Laser black spokes with D-Light on rear drive side
nipples : choose from brass or aluminium coloured nipples
J-Bend with Laser/D-Light spokes: front 644 / rear 798g (pair 1442g)
J-Bend with CX-Ray spokes: front 644 / rear 790g (pair 1434g)
Straight-Pull with Laser/D-Light spokes: front 654g / rear 816g (pair 1470g)
Straight-Pull with CX-Ray spokes: front 655g / rear 804g (pair 1459g)

freehub: Shimano, Campagnolo or Sram XD
stickers : your choice of sticker design and colour (or none at all)
spokes: choose Sapim CX-Ray black bladed spokes (CX-Ray option is 15g lighter than standard)

Looking for our Lark18 rim? we still have stock of the narrower and lighter Lark18 rim with an 18mm internal width and asymmetrical rear, which is available for the same price while stocks last. The rear is not laced 2:1 / Triplet but uses the asymmetrical rim to even out spoke tensions.

“A fast reacting freehub with steel anti-bite inserts means no delay with drive, and the low weight means they pep up the performance of every bike we put them on… Either way, building takes a few days but JRA quality and longevity have been superb.”
Cycling Plus
Best in Test | October 2018

Additional information

Weight 1500 g
wheel size

braking options

rim brake

hole count


rim depth

internal rim width


external rim width


front axle options


rear axle options


front lacing pattern


rear lacing pattern

triplet laced 2:1

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