International orders

Just Riding Along is based in York, UK but our wheels are popular all over the world. We are often asked about delivery charges and taxes which are applied when we send our wheels to other countries so here is a quick summary.

Tax and shipping 

These are calculated on the location the wheels are being sent to, not the billing address of the customer.

Tax and shipping costs are displayed at the checkout, before you pay. You will need to have selected your delivery country before you can see accurate costs.

Within the UK

If we are sending the wheels anywhere within the UK, there is one standard shipping rate. All our prices shown on the website include UK VAT (20% at the time of writing this). We supply a VAT receipt with all our orders.

Within the European Union

Similar to orders shipped within the UK, our website includes the UK VAT rate and you won’t pay any additional VAT or other charges when the parcel arrives. Shipping costs varies by country, roughly by distance but is usually between £16 and £30. Shipping cost will be shown once you select your delivery country. If you have an EU VAT number we can deduct VAT from your order under the reverse charge mechanism – please contact us to arrange this and verify your number.

Within Europe (but outside the EU)

When you choose a delivery country outside the EU, the UK VAT will be removed from your order and the price paid will be reduced by this amount (currently 20%). There may be charges to pay (local tax/duty) when you receive the parcel – this will vary by country. Shipping is usually more expensive – around £40 for example to Norway or Switzerland.

Rest of world

We can ship to almost any country in the world. If your country is not listed in our destinations please contact us and we will add it. Shipping outside of the UK and Europe usuall costs around £70 but the 20% VAT (UK sales tax) will be subtracted from your order once you select a shipping country outside the EU. Some countries’ customs will charge you for duty and/or local sales taxes when your parcel arrives, this depends on your local rules. For example, most shipments to the US have no extra charges applied at the receiving end.