Sapim D-Light spokes – J-bend black


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Sapim D-Light spokes are strong, light double butted spokes for use with disk brake wheels or where a high strength spoke is needed.

Most popular lengths of D-Light spokes are held in stock for immediate delivery. Our D-Lights are all factory made, in order to have no butted section at the thread these spokes can not be cut.

The Sapim D Light spokes are a super-strong and exceptionally light butted spoke for a variety of purposes, especially mountain bikes with disc brakes. It is one of the lightest and strongest spokes we use due to their clever design and manufacturing processes, the D-Light spoke is suitable for any type of wheel but is especially aimed at disk brake wheels.
Technological advances using cold forging (SAPIM Forging Technology) ‘stretch’ the spoke, retaining the linear molecular structure of the material and thereby increasing the spoke strength at the middle section by at least 48%.

The 2mm end sections of the D-Light are extra short to save more weight without compromising strength. This 2mm thick threaded section is only as long as it needs to be (10mm for the thread) before slimming to the 1.65mm middle section. This offers a great compromise between the strength of a heavier and the light weight of an even thinner spoke.

  • Colour: black
  • head type – J-bend
  • D-Light spokes 2.0mm – 1.65mm – 2.0mm
  • Material: spoke: stainless steel
  • spoke nipple: purchase separately
  • Weight: approx. 5.2 g  280mm

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