Sapim Secure Lock aluminium spoke nipples – 14mm


Sapim secure lock aluminium nipples 2.0mm, 14mm length. Lightweight, corrosion-resistant spoke nipples available in 11 colours.

  • Minimum quantity required for this product: 6
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Sapim spoke nipples are used in all our wheels. The aluminium nipples are extremely strong and resistant to corrosion, and we are happy to recommend them in almost all wheels. Brass spoke nipples are recommended when wheels are neglected and ridden through the winter on salty roads without regular cleaning.

These are the Sapim Polyax spoke nipples which have a head shaped to allow a few degrees of rotation in the rim, improving the alignment and reducing stress on the spoke nipple. These nipples also have the Sapim Secure Lock feature which reduces the chance of wheels loosening by increasing friction on the thread.  Secure Lock spoke nipples have a small indent in the thread to help keep the spoke from loosening when the wheel is being ridden. When building wheels with secure lock you will notice a little bit more resistance when tightening the spokes.

Aluminium nipples weigh 0.34g each