Lark tubular wheels

from £was £390 now £290 / pair

Lightweight, dependable road wheelset with 30mm deep rims for use with tubular tyres and rim brakes.

build time for this wheelset: 10 days
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With its 30mm deep, 24mm wide rim the Lark Tubs are at home on or off road. The high strength, wide rim supports tubular tyres while being deep enough to offer some aerodynamic benefit on the road and repel mud build-up in cyclocross.

Brake setup with calipers or cantis is easy on the ultra flat 9.5mm wide brake track for smooth consistent braking in all conditions.

The Lark Tub wheels are built with 24 spokes front and rear, with the rear being arranged in our usual super-strong 2:1 configuration which uses 16 spokes on the highly stressed drive side, and 8 on the non-drive side. This results in very even spoke tensions and a strong, durable wheel. Hubs are our “standard” J-bend road hubs which use large long-lasting stainless steel bearings with excellent sealing while maintaining a low weight of 85g front / 216g rear.

As stock these wheels are available with these options:

hubs : JRA road hubs, J-bend
rim : JRA Lark Tub rims, 24 hole / front 24 hole 2:1 rear. 24mm width and 30mm depth.
spokes : Sapim Laser black spokes with D-Light on rear drive side. Front 2-cross, rear 1-cross/2-cross lacing.
nipples : choose from brass or aluminium coloured nipples
weights: with Laser/D-Light spokes: front 722 / rear 861g (pair 1587g)
rider weight limit: no limit

freehub: Shimano, Campagnolo or Sram XD
graphics: laser-etched rim and your choice of laser-etched or coloured vinyl for the hub
spokes: optional Sapim CX-Ray black bladed spokes (CX-Ray option is 15g lighter than standard)

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internal rim width


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front lacing pattern


rear lacing pattern

triplet laced 2:1

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1500 g

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