Endless Bike Company Kick Ass Cogs


Bright, light, strong singlespeed cogs from 14-24 tooth.

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The best singlespeed cogs available! At a full quarter inch wide (6.35mm) at the splines, Kick Ass Cogs simply will not damage your free hub body the way a narrower cog can. Made of high strength 7075-T6 alloy (stronger and harder than most common steels), Kick Ass Cogs are precision machined ensuring perfect axial and radial alignment that compliments the superior chain lines that cassette style hubs allow.
The specially engineered tooth profile on Kick-Ass-Cogs improves both cog and chain life while minimising drive train friction. With a Kick Ass Cog on your bike, you can expect a smooth, quiet drivetrain for miles to come. We recommend using a normal 9 or 10 speed chain with your Kick Ass Cog, not a singlespeed chain like Sram PC1 as this will wear the cog faster.