Endless Bike Company Fibonacci spacer kits – red


Endless Bike Company anodized Fibonacci spacer kit. 8 spacers to make any spacing you need.

£43.00 £25.00

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The Fibonacci Spacer kit has been designed such that any chainline can be achieved within an accuracy of +/-1mm using a kit of as few spacers as possible. The clean look and total functionality of the Fibonacci Kit is unparalleled by any single speed spacer kit coming before it. The kit includes eight precision machined spacers in millimeter width of Fibonacci numbers 1 through 21.

Available in silver, orange, pink, gold, green, purple, blue, black, red anodized colours. The spacer kits are manufactured from a different aluminum than our Kick Ass Cogs, so anodization colors may be quite different from cog to spacer kit.

Comes with instructions on how to set up the golden chain line.

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