Son Deluxe dynamo hub


SON Dynamo hubs, the only reliable Dynamo hubs we recommend. As all dynamo hubs have to be stripped and returned to manufacturer for servicing we recommend the most reliable.

Dynamo hubs are popular with efficient LED lights and to charge phones and devices on longer riders.


This product is only available as part of a wheel build, it cannot be purchased separately

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Son say: Consequently designed for smooth running and for longevity, SON hub dynamos have been undisputed benchmark for many years. The generator is precisely adapted to the intended use and thus efficiently powers headlight, rear light or any charging device. Due to high-end hub technology SON hub dynamos perform with longest possible durability – regardless if it‘s a standard hub dynamo or a special version for mountain bike, folding bike or trike.


Order a Son Dynamo hub built into any of our wheelset.