seal carrier spacer for Microspline and N3W freehubs


Spacer to fit on the outside of Microspline and Campag N3W freehubs

Availability: good stock


This spacer is supplied with Shimano and Microspline and Campagnolo N3W freehubs. The outer bearing is set deeper into these freehubs than on other models so this spacer fills the extra gap on the axle.

Early versions of the Microspline freehub were supplied with a different axle and did not need this spacer. Any replacement axles will need this spacer. This spacer measures 4.1mm thickness and is not to be confused with the thinner spacer between the hub body and freehub.

The rubber seal attaches to this spacer instead of the groove on the axle. The spacer should be oriented so that the wider section faces the freehub.