rim replacement


We can build a new rim onto your wheels (as long as they came from us).

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If the braking surface if the rims wear out or they’ve taken one hit too many, our rim replacement service means we can replace the rim giving your wheels a new lease of life.

The prices below cover the build charge and new spoke nipples (we never re-use old ones). We can re-use the spokes if they are in good condition and you are replacing the rim with the same of similar size, but you’ll need to send us the whole wheel intact so we can re-use the spokes in the correct positions.

If you want to re-build the wheel with a new rim that needs different length spokes then you will also need to purchase new spokes but you are welcome to cut the spokes and send in the hub in a smaller packet.

Should we find further work that needs doing when we receive your wheel we’ll always contact you first to make sure this is OK.