Fat rear hubs – 170mm


High quality fat rear hubs fitted with stainless steel bearings, 170mm to 177mm widths.

All our hubs come with a small JRA logo etching.

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The JRA rear fat hubs are available in 32 hole drilling and comes fitted with TPI stainless steel bearings. The 170mm hub has axle conversions to fit 170 and 177mm standards.

Weight: 323g (170mm)
Main hub bearings: 2 x 6902 stainless steel /  freehub 2 x 6802 (XD) or 1 x 6802, 1 x 6902 (shimano).
Hole count: 32

Hub measurements for spoke length calculations:
170mm hubs
c-left: 38mm
c-right: 35mm
left flange diameter: 58mm
right flange diameter: 58mm


We used the best hubs we could find for our range of wheels and hubs: Bitex. We have ridden them extensively and we are convinced that they offer outstanding durability, reliability and serviceability.

All jra hubs are fitted with sealed stainless steel bearings from TPI and Enduro. Freehubs feature a patented 6 pawl engagement with 48 points in road hubs and 54 point pick-up for MTB hubs.

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fat rear hubs

Fat rear hubs with 6-bolt disk mount, 32 hole.

  • fat 170mm
  • 32 hole

axle & end caps for rear 170mm fat hubs

Axle kits for fat 170mm rear hubs.

  • QR 170mm
  • 12x170mm
  • 12x177mm

M-type freehub with TPI stainless steel bearing - dr

Freehubs for JRA hubs. Can be interchanged to convert your hub to run a different cassette.

  • Shimano 8-12sp
  • Shimano Microspline
  • Sram XD
  • Sram XD-R
  • Campagnolo
  • Campag 13 speed N3W