JRA centre-lock J-bend rear hubs 28h


Lightweight, reliable rear hubs with centre-lock disk mount to fit J-bend spokes.

JRA centerlock J-bend rear hub shells

28 hole

JRA R-type freehubs

Freehubs for JRA R-type hubs with 48 points of engagement, choose the freehub for your groupset.

  • Campag 13 speed N3W
  • Shimano 11sp
  • Sram XD
  • Sram XD-R
  • Campagnolo

rear axles

  • QR
  • 10x135mm
  • 12x135mm
  • 12x142mm
  • Boost 12x148mm


Options available to fit all groupsets and axle standards.

Additional information

Weight 245 g

JRA centerlock J-bend rear hub shells

hole count

JRA R-type freehubs

Weight 85 g
freehub type

Campag 13 speed N3W, Shimano 11sp, Sram XD, Sram XD-R, Campagnolo

rear axles

rear axle options

QR, 10x135mm, 12x142mm