6-bolt J-bend front hubs – Boost 110mm 32h


High quality, light weight Boost 110 front hub fitted with stainless steel bearings.

The JRA front Boost 110 hub is available in 24, 28 or 32 hole drillings and comes fitted with TPI stainless steel bearings. One of the lightest, most reliable 6-bolt Boost compatible hubs available. The hub can be fitted with either standard 15x110mm end caps, or with the larger Torque Caps (30mm outer diameter) for some Rockshox forks.

Weight: 141g
Bearings: 2 x 6903 stainless steel
Hole counts: 24 / 28 / 32

Hub measurements for spoke length calculations:
c-left: 26.2mm
c-right: 38.2mm
left flange diameter: 58mm
right flange diameter: 45mm


We used the best hubs we could find for our range of wheels and hubs: Bitex. We have ridden them extensively and we are convinced that they offer outstanding durability, reliability and serviceability.

All jra hubs are fitted with sealed stainless steel bearings from TPI and Enduro. Freehubs feature a patented 6 pawl engagement with 48 points in road hubs and 54 point pick-up for MTB hubs.

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6-bolt J-bend front hubs – Boost 110mm

32 hole

axle end caps for 6-bolt Boost 110mm front hubs

front end caps for Boost 6-bolt hubs with 110mm spacing.

  • Boost 15mm
  • Boost Rock Shox Torque caps