Copter Tape frame protection tape


The original and best Copter Tape, UV-resistant to prevent yellowing.


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Availability: low stock

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Availability: low stock


Supplied in a variety of lengths from 25cm to 2 metres, you can cut it to size to protect all parts of your bike. It will stick readily to most clean surfaces but for a really good bond it’s best fitted by warming with a hair-dryer. You can also heat it to remove it more easily. Always 10cm wide, it’s available in a variety of lengths depending on how much of your bike you want to protect.

Supplied in easy to post packaging, fits through most letter boxes. Instructions included inside. Sorry we no longer include wipes while we look for something more enivronmentally friendly.

Copter Tape is available in:

25cm prevent cable rub spots
50cm to protect vunerable areas from rock chips
125cm protect most of your paintwork
200cm cover your bike