colourful alu valve


Tubeless valves with unrestricted bore for high air flow and easy tyre inflation, as well as an o-ring to help tighten down and seal the nut. Our Shallow valve sits in rims with a shallow tubeless channel.

80mm and 100mm valves are only available in black.

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Our coloured aluminium tubeless valves come in many bright colours to put the finishing touch to your wheels. The valves feature an unrestricted barrel for fast air throughput making tyre inflation easy. They have a large locking nut and rubber o-ring to fit tight to the rim and to help with removal. Valves are sold individually.

which length ?
valves fit all aluminium mountain bike rims.
valve fits all all road aluminum and carbon mountain bike rims. Gecko and Mahi Mahi 30mm carbon rims.
60mm fits Mahi Mahi 35mm/40mm/45mm carbon rim.
70mm fits Mahi Mahi 50/55mm carbon rims.
80mm fits Mahi Mahi 60mm carbon rims.
100mm fits Mahi Mahi 80mm carbon rims.

See our 40mm valve extenders which are compatible with our valves and which also come in several colours.

Map & Lark  ?
For the Map and Lark wheels we recommend the woosh valve which works better due to the deeper internal rim profile of these rims.

lightweight valves
At 4.4g for the 45mm valves (including cap and lock-ring) and 4.8g for the 60mm valves they won’t slow you down.

The valve core is removable and all standard presta valve cores will fit these valves – see our presta valve cores for replacements.