centre-lock straight-pull rear hubs – black


Smooth rolling rear hub with 54 engagement points and a weight of just 224g.


JRA hub with centre-lock disk mount and to fit straight-pull spokes.

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Centre-Lock SP rear hub

Super lightweight (214g) rear hub with centre-lock disk mount, for straight-pull spokes.

  • 24 hole
  • 28 hole

center-lock standard hubs rear axle & end-caps - screw-on

Axle kits for Centre-lock rear hubs with screw-on end cap

  • QR
  • 10x135mm
  • 12x142mm

M-type freehub with TPI stainless steel bearing - dr

Freehubs for JRA hubs. Can be interchanged to convert your hub to run a different cassette.

  • Shimano 8-12sp
  • Shimano Microspline
  • Sram XD
  • Sram XD-R
  • Campagnolo
  • Campag 13 speed N3W