Knarr test bundle


sStrong carbon wheelset for knarly terrain, build them up for gravel wide or MTB trails available in 29er orange design.

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Knarr 30 XC carbon rim


Price reduced due to current rims having been made to a lighter weight spec than usual.

A versatile 30mm internal tubeless-ready carbon rim for gravel-plus and cross-country riding. Asymmetric profile for maximum wheel strength.

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Knarr carbon lighter XC version reduced to clear. Rims from 374g 27.5″, 398g 29er.
Remaining stock:
2 x 29er 24 spoke red and orange (heavyweight with woven finish – 490g)
1 x 29er 28 spoke, 398g red and orange (lightweight semi-gloss 398g)
1 x 29er 32 spoke, 398g red and orange (lightweight semi-gloss 398g)
27.5″ – all lightweight options. (lightweight semi-gloss 374g)

Available in 27.5″ and 29er, mullet compatible!

Was previously the traildog carbon rim.



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