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We have full availabilty of Velocity Major Tom tubular rims at the moment including 24 hole. We don't expect stock to last the whole cross season so don't wait too long to order

Chris King: due to a new supplier we do not have full stock availaibility until July, there is limited stock which we can confirm if you enquire by phone or email. Chris King R45 black 20 hole front, 28 hole rear are available and in our road wheel builders.

Stans NoTubes new range of wider rims is arriving around June 6th, all the rims will be wider, pre-orders are open and you will be first in the wheels queue when they land. They are available in the MTB and Enduro wheel builders as well as rims.

Industry Nine are offering a wider Enduro rim up from 26mm to 30.5mm starting from about June with 27.5 and august for 29er and will continue to offer the current rim alongside. Centre Lock hubs will be available thoughout their range this summer.


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Our custom builds queue is currently 3 weeks.
Instock, Industry Nine and jra
Instock wheel builds including Industry Nine wheels and jra wheels are instock and available for despatch within a couple of days.
Repairs for wheel sold by Just Riding Along are available in 6 days.
26 May 2016
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Most JRA hubs and wheels instock.

Jawbone disk lte wheelsets with centre-lock hubs, are now available.


26 May 2016

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Hope orange hubs

Hope Pro 4 available now, including new orange colour

The new Hope Evo 4 hubs are available now, Pro 2 are discontinued. Gunsmoke colour died along with Pro 2, it has been replaced with orange.

11 January 2016



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Due to much demand we’re now building on WTB rims. Many models in stock now, please contact us if you want one we don't have available.



Industry Nine

Industry Nine - we are the UK importer and can supply their awesome wheels through all good Local Bike Shops as well as online.