Traildog NoTubes wheels

£460.00 / pair

NoTubes Crest/Arch/Flow rim with any JRA hub. Free NoTubes coloured decal option where possible – Sentry or Baron coloured decals are available but not always in stock. Other colours are usually available from stock most of the time. Choice of 9 colours of nipples for free. All wheels include tubeless rim tape fitted, valves are available for extra charge. These wheels are custom built to order in about 5-6 days (usually).




We used the best hubs we could find for our range of wheels and hubs: Bitex. We have ridden them extensively and we are convinced that they offer outstanding durability, reliability and serviceability.

All jra hubs are fitted with high quality stainless steel and plain steel bearings from TPI. Freehubs feature a patented 6 pawl engagement with 48 points in road and centerlock disk hubs and 54 point pick-up for MTB hubs.


Mountain bike wheelsets are built using the latest Stan’s Notubes Mk3 Crest, Arch and Flow rims. The result of more than 10 years of continuous development these rims offer the best combination of weight, strength and tubeless performance available:

Crest Mk3 are designed for normal cross-country riding and racing. Weight is just 364g for the 29er rim, internal width is 23mm. Recommended tyre width 2.0-2.25″.
Arch Mk3 are a strong, 26mm internal rim for heavier trail riding and for larger tyres; recommended tyre width 2.25-2.5″.
Flow Mk3 are the development of the classic Flow and Flow EX rims for heavy riding and wide tyres. Tyre width 2.35-2.8″.
Sentry and Baron are new rims for wider tyres; Sentry is 32mm internal for tyres 2.5-3.0″, and Baron is 35mm internal, for 2.8-3.2″ tyres.

The wheels

All wheels are built in our York workshop using Sapim spokes and spoke nipples – see choices below for colour and spoke options. Sapim D-Light are our normal spoke recommendation for most riders with the thicker, heavier Race spokes available for heavier riders.

Sample wheel weights, real-life weights – we’ll add more as we remember to weigh wheels when we’ve built them. Approximate variations to these weights: 28 spokes are about 20g less per wheel than 32 spokes. Boost hubs are about 20g heavier front, 5g heavier rear than standard hubs. Alu spoke nipples weigh 20g per wheel less than brass.

Boost hubs, Flow Mk3 650b rims with d-light spokes and alu spoke nipples: 821g front, 946g rear (1767g total)
Boost 110/148 hubs, Arch Mk3 29er rims 32h with d-light spokes and alu spoke nipples: 791g front, 928g rear (1719g total)
6-bolt hubs with Crest Mk3 28 hole rims in 27.5″ with D-Light spoke and alu spoke nipples, QR end caps  – 606g front, 769g rear (1375g)
Centerlock hubs, Crest Mk3 28 hole 27.5″ rims with CX-Ray spokes and alu spoke nipples  – 609g front, 731g (1330g)
Boost 110/148 6-bolt hubs, Crest Mk3 28 hole 29er rims with D-Light spokes and alu spoke nipples  – 689g front, 807g (1496g)

NoTubes coloured decal for Flow, Arch and Crest 27.5″ and 29er available free (26″ wheels use 27.5″ decals but they fit fine).


Additional information

Weight 1500 g