Mahi Mahi rim brake – 17mm rims clearance – 55mm deep front wheel only £250

£585.00 / pair

Our original carbon road wheelset with a 17mm internal rim width, now discontinued and replaced with the newer 19mm rims.


Go aero with our super fast new carbon road wheelsets. Built for speed and strength these wheels will perform in all conditions including rain and wind.

Built around our super lightweight jra hubs, the rims feature an ultra flat braking surface for consistent, powerful braking in all conditions. The rims feature a tubeless profile for use with any road tubeless tyre, and are also equally at home with standard tyres and tubes. Wheels are taped ready for tubeless or standard tyres. Valves are available separately – please note that most of these rims require extra-long valves, and our long-base valves with extenders will work on these.

The rear wheels feature our 2:1 spoke lacing pattern with 16 spokes on the drive side, and 8 on the non-drive side. This solves the problem of uneven spoke tensions on rear wheels caused by the offset required for the cassette (wheel dish) and gives our 24-spoke wheels similar strength to conventionally laced 28 or 32 spoke wheels.

Spoke counts are either 20 or 24 for front wheels, and 24 with 2:1 pattern on the rear – see individual product options below.  The 20h front hubs are our 66g “light” hub, while the 24-spoke front hubs are our ultra durable standard road front hub at 97g.

Wheels are built to order so you can choose spoke nipples, freehub etc.

hubs : JRA light road hubs
rim : JRA Mahi mahi carbon rims, 17mm internal, 26mm external.
spokes : Sapim CX-Ray J-Bend black spokes
nipples : choose from brass or aluminium coloured nipples
weight: (may vary slightly with hub options)
35mm front 624g, rear 799g (pair 1423g)
45mm front 653g, rear 828g (pair 1481g)
55mm front 683g, rear 860g (pair 1543g)
brake pads: a set of our carbon-specific pads are included with each wheel. Any good quality carbon-specific pads will work with these rims.
freehub: Shimano, Campagnolo, Sram XD freehubs
stickers : Rims have water-transfer black decals, hubs can have your choice of sticker design and colour (or none if you prefer).

Additional information

Weight 1500 g
wheel size

internal rim width


front axle options


rear axle options


braking options

rim brake

front lacing pattern


rear lacing pattern

triplet laced 2:1

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