Mahi mahi 45mm rim brake graphene

£850.00 £585.00

Lightweight aero wheelset with 19mm internal width and textured graphene brake track for outstanding braking in all conditions, available on 30mm or 45mm rims. Discounted due to eventual wearing off of graphene track – once this wears off wheels have standard brake track.



Available in 30mm or 45mm rim depths, sold as matched pairs only.

The Graphene textured braking surface improves braking to the point where it is better than most aluminium rims. However long-term testing has shown it’s not quite as durable as we had hoped so we are discontinuing the graphene version of these wheels. After the graphene wears off, the rim retains its standard braking surface and becomes the same as our standard Mahi Mahi carbon wheels. In good weather conditions the graphene lasts a long time but if used offroad or in extremely gritty conditions it will wear off.

Wheel weights:

45mm rims / J-bend hubs 1443g

Additional information

Weight 1400 g