Mahi Mahi disk brake wheels

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The Mahi Mahi disk wheels offer a perfect balance of light weight and power-saving aerodynamic profile. Our in-house hand-built quality, high performance hubs and Sapim CX-Ray spokes add up to an unbeatable wheelset for racing or all-round riding, on or off-road.

build time for this wheelset: 5 days
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A disk-specific design allows for optimised aerodynamics while the low weight is an important part of the lively, responsive feel and streamlined performance of these wheels in all weather conditions.

The rim is 22mm wide internally, with an external 30.5mm width optimised for best aerodynamic performance with tyres measuring around 25-28mm. The large width allows for lower tyre pressures without increasing rolling resistance – we recommend 60-80psi for most riders. Rim depths are from 30mm to 50mm for either lighter weight, or greater aero benefits.

The Mahi Mahi disk rim was developed over 3 years working with our rim supplier to perfect the tubeless fit. The result is a semi-hooked sidewall design which fits tubed or tubeless tyres securely and easily and offers excellent impact resistance, making it suitable for road or gravel. This rim design is suitable for running tyre pressures up to 100psi with 25mm tubeless tyres where the tyre specs allow (though we recommend much lower pressure for better ride quality).

hubs : JRA centre-lock or 6-bolt hubs, Straight-pull or J-Bend
rim : JRA Mahi mahi carbon rims, 24 hole front 24 hole rear with water transfer decals
spokes : Sapim CX-Ray black spokes
nipples :  choose from brass or aluminium coloured nipples
weight 30mm: Centre-Lock Straight-Pull pair 1361g (front 617g / rear 744g)
weight 40mm: Centre-Lock Straight-Pull pair 1442g (front 657g / rear 785g)
weight 50mm: Centre-Lock Straight-Pull pair 1526g (front 699g / rear 827g)
freehub: Shimano 11 or 12sp, Campagnolo (including Ekar 13sp option) or Sram XD/XD-R freehubs

30mm rims are our lightest weight wheelset with good aerodynamic performance. These wheels are light for hill climbing but roll fast on the flat too.

40mm is the best all-round depth and with a weight of just 1433g per pair and little affect from side-winds we recommend them for anyone.

50mm wheels are very fast with great aerodynamic performance at the expense of a bit more weight. These are the deepest rims normally used on standard road bikes.

why buy from us


All wheels have a 3 year warranty on build quality and components, with a longer 5 year warranty for hub shells.
See our warranty page for more details and the small print.


To ensure reliable, prompt delivery our wheels are shipped via UPS to almost all locations in the UK and worldwide.
see our delivery page for more details.


All of our wheels are fully repairable. We stock a complete range of spares and can service, rebuild or repair any wheel sold by us.
order servicing here.

about us

We’ve been building wheels since 2005 and selling online in 2006. We developed our wheel building process and refined the components we offer for more than 17 years to offer reliable a wheels.
read our story here.

our hubs

Just Riding Along wheelsets are built around premium quality hubs from Bitex in Taiwan. We have used these hubs on all of our own-brand wheelsets since 2014 with proven reliability and durability.


All wheels include a 5 year warranty on hub shells, and 3 year on all other parts.

Bearing wear is not included.


6 pawls in 2 groups engage the drive ring inside the hub shell. The groups are offset slightly to double the points of engagement (POE) for a fast response to pedal input. M-type hubs have 6.7 degree, 54 POE, R-type hubs have 7.5 degree, 48 POE.


  • Durable
  • changeable axles
  • repairable
  • lightweight
  • TPI bearings
  • anti-bite guard
  • laser etched decals

about your wheels

custom built wheels

This wheelset is built to order. We hold most parts in stock and build them after you have ordered. The build time is advertised on the front page on under the title.

what’s included

  • Wheels are set-up with the axles and freehub you have selected.
  • All wheels have tubeless tape applied.
  • There are no additional parts provided.

build quality

During the building process all components are bedded in, stretched, and tensioned repeatedly so the wheels won’t go out of true. We inspect, check and finish every wheel with equal care.

handbuilt in the UK

We built the wheels in our York, UK workshop.

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