JRA Gecko asymmetrical carbon rim


Gecko carbon rim in 650b or 700c size. The hookless bead makes the rim lighter but means you can’t run high pressure tyres, we recommend up to 80psi which should be enough for most riders. The 21mm internal width is perfect for tyres for road tyres from 25c up to gravel tyres at 50c or 2″.

Due to supply problems we offer some rims Gecko in an asymmetrical version and some in a symmetrical version. They offer the same weight and performance.

  • 27.5"
  • 700c
  • 24 hole
  • 28 hole
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We sell 3 types of Gecko carbon rim, 650b & 700c in a light carbon lay-up with 24 holes and a heavier lay-up with 28 holes for larger or harder riders or use with luggage.

weight 650b : 352g (+/-15g)
weight 700c : 365 (+/-15g)

width 21mm internal


Additional information

Weight 357 g