Clearance rims sale


A selection of rims on clearance at 50% off – either discontinued from our lineup or with faults, see notes in product description further down the page for more details.

£90.00 £45.00

6 in stock

£65.00 £32.50

6 in stock

£66.00 £33.00

6 in stock

£65.00 £32.00

1 in stock

£87.00 £43.50

5 in stock

£290.00 £145.00

4 in stock

£66.00 £33.00

1 in stock



No back-orders and no re-stocking on any of these rims. We can quote for building into wheels using any of our current or sale hubs. If you would like a wheel build quotation please email us your required spec.

Pacenti Forza disk rims – being discontinued, no faults.

WTB Asym and KOM rims – these are good stock, being discontinued. May be very small cosmetic markings unless otherwise specified.

Traildog 29er with wrong decals – no faults, but they have 27.5″ decals on 29er rims. Decals are printed on and not easily removed.

Mahi Mahi carbon rims 17mm – these are discontinued and replaced with our newer 22mm internal rims. No faults.

Sun Mulefut 50SL – end of line, these are 50mm rims with cutouts. We are discontinuing these (but still building fat wheels with the Mulefut 80SL). No faults.

Rims with noted scratches – may have one or two scratches up to 1-2cm long, cosmetic only, don’t affect the performance of the rim.