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build quality
During the building process all components are bedded in, stretched, and tensioned repeatedly until they settle into their final state so the wheels won't go out of true or lose tension. We inspect, check and finish every wheel with equal care whatever the price.


how to order your wheels

custom wheel builds
Custom built to your own specification. Exactly the wheels you want.
Estimated turnaround 6 - 14 days. If your wheels may be longer as components are out of stock at our suppliers we will let you know as soon as possible.

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instock wheels

Pre-built wheels by Just Riding Along, popular combinations for quick delivery. Available in 1-2 days but may need a checking over so if you want to collect give us a call first.
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suggested builds - are ideas of components and price to get you started with our custom builds. Combinations we've built before and work well. You can buy these and they will be build in 6-14 days or use them as an idea to choose your own custom wheelset.

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factory wheels - are wheels we buy already built, we then check them over before despatch.We only do this when the components aren't available to us separately. Contact us if you would like a price for factory wheelsets.