Wheel building at Just Riding Along

We have been building wheels for around 15 years and in 2017 moving towards our own wheel range gives us the consistency of product and supply to build accurate wheels every time. It enables us to continuously improve on the process and the products we sell to deliver the best wheels.

Every wheel is expertly built from start to finish in our York workshop with all components checked and prepared before building. During the building process the wheels are bedded in, stretched, and tensioned repeatedly until they settle into their final state so they won’t go out of true or lose tension. All wheels are trued on our PK and Lie jig for maximum accuracy and consistency. We inspect, check and finish every wheel with equal care.

Recent investment in machinery means we can speed up the wheel building during the lacing processes where there is no advantage to hand building, and in fact the machines used correctly are more accurate and can achieve better tension with less damage to the nipple. The detensioning press replaces the old technique of squeezing by hand, or for stiffer wheels, the not-very-well-kept secret of jumping on the wheels to bed in the spokes and nipples. The manual methods are flawed by the fact you can only put pressure on 2 spots on the rim and not in an even way, leading to inconsistencies and distortions in the wheel while the press applies even tension around the rim for more accurate wheels which stay tensioned better.

Efficiencies in production enables us to concentrate our time on finishing the wheels to the same high standard we always have.

Phil Woods Spoke cutter

We cut our spokes to 0.5mm increments for accurate wheel building. Then we clean and prepare each spoke.

Holland ISL lacer

The Holland Mechanics wheel lacing machine laces the wheel quickly with high and accurate wheel tension every time.

wheel squasher

They don't stay tensioned for long as the custom made wheel de-tensioning machine squashes each wheel evenly. It is vital to our wheel quality and means they don't go out of true when you are riding.

PK and Lie tensioning Industry Nine

An Industry Nine wheel is trued and tensioned.

PK and Lie jig

Our wheels are trued on the PK and Lie wheel truing stand for lateral and radial trueness. The rollers are connected to dials which measure the lateral and radial trueness of the wheel to 0.05mm. It is not possible to true every rim to 0.05mm, especially disk brake rims, but we would expect to get most rims with a braking surface true within less than 0.1mm. And the rest of our process means they should stay like that.

DT Tensio gauge

DT Swiss Tensio guage measures the spoke tension so we can achieve a high and even spoke tension.

custom cut vinyls 

Custom cut vinyls in your colour choice applied in our workshop. 

Your wheels are set-up with your required encaps and freehub and double checked before packing and sending.

If something breaks on your wheels we are set up to repair them and get them back on your bike as quickly as possible and if you want to fix it your self we sell a full range of spare parts.