Spokes are sold in minimum quantites of 5 with a flat rate postage of £2.50 per order. Nipples are available separately. 

We use Sapim spokes on most of our wheels. Most spokes are sold in minimum quantities of 5 spokes per length.

Laser: 1.5-2.0mm butted spoke. Lightweight, mostly used on road (rim brake) wheels.

D-Light: 1.65-2.0mm butted spoke. Light but designed to be strong enough to resist braking forces on disk brake wheels. We use these on most of our mountain bike wheels, and many road disk wheels. Very good compromise of weight, strength and price.

Race: 1.8-2.0mm butted spoke. The thickest (heaviest, strongest) spoke we use. Suitable for heavier riders, and gravity MTB riding.

CX-Ray: bladed 0.9x2.3-2.0mm spoke. Small aerodynamic advantage over round-profile spokes, much more expensive. Used mostly on road wheels.

If you need to buy spare spokes for a wheel with DT Swiss spokes, these are the equivalents:

DT Revolution = Sapim Laser 
DT Supercomp = Sapim D-Light
DT Competition = Sapim Race
DT Aerolite = Sapim CX-Ray

Minimal Price: £0.63