JRA Wheels warranty and guarantee

We guarantee all our wheels are free of defects due to workmanship and materials for 2 years from their date of purchase by the original buyer.
This excludes wear and tear such as bearings and rim brake surfaces but includes wheel truing. This guarantee applies only to JRA branded wheels built on our JRA hubs. Guarantees for other components would be covered by each manufacturer's guarantee policy.

Carbon rims crash replacement policy
Our carbon rims are covered by the usual 2 year warranty against defects, but we also offer an additional crash replacement scheme for the first 5 years of ownership. This applies to all JRA brand carbon wheels, and carbon rims bought individually from us and built by the customer (or other wheel builder). Generally, we will be able to re-use the spokes but if new ones are needed they will be charged at the price current at the time of rebuilding. If the rim was bought for a wheel not built by us, we will not rebuild it.

For £100, or 1/3 the cost of a new rim as on our website at the time the crash replacement is required (whichever is the greater), plus our normal labour charge (currently £30-£40) we will replace the broken carbon rim. This covers rims which have cracked through impact including rock strikes and general riding, as well as damage caused during a crash. The replacement offer also covers the braking surface on rim-brake rims for road bikes if it has worn beyond a safe amount. Return carriage will be charged at cost in addition to the crash replacement charge.

This carbon crash replacement guarantee applies only to JRA-branded rims, and not other brand rims used on our wheelsets (for example Derby rims). These often have their own crash replacement policy.