ReCycle bikes collection

We take in donations of bike on behalf of ReCycle bikes Heeley Development Trust. If you are nearby you have an old bike to donate then drop it off with us. We keep them until we have a van load and ReCycle take them back to Heeley to rebuild and recycle.

No need to book just drop them off, we are usually open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, except Bank Holidays, Christmas and annual shut-down 27th-31st July 2015.

If you are not near us you can drop-off at Recycle in Heeley or Bike Rehab in Sheffield city centre, see their website for more details:

There are 3 ways your old bicycle may be used:

  1. If it is in good enough condition your old bike will be fully stripped down cleaned, completely overhauled and sold back into the community as a low cost alternative to a new bike. (we are a “not-for-profit” social enterprise, but have to generate enough money to keep the project running).
  2. If it is not in good enough condition to be refurbished and sold, it will be stripped for useable parts and the rest recycled as best as possible. the second hand parts will be used to help refurbish other bikes or to help keep bills down on repair work (great if you or your kids have a habit of breaking your bike(s) or you don’t have much money and need to keep that trusty workhorse on the road)
  3. If your bike falls somewhere between these first 2 options it might be sent to similar projects in Africa, through the Re-Cycle Bicycle Aid for Africa project based in Colchester. This is a really cool project that can really change peoples lives, check out their website.