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  • NoTubes Alpha, Velocity A23, Mavic Open Pro rims internal measurements

    Q: What is the outside and inside dimensions of the No Tubes Alpha please? I need a wider-than-open-pro 28h rim.

    A: I just measured some rims for you:

    Inside/outside widths

    Mavic Open Pro 14.5mm / 19.7mm
    NoTubes Alpha 340 17.1mm / 20.2mm
    Velocity A23 17.8mm / 22.7mm


  • Converting Velocity A23 rims to tubeless

    Please note: this article is now mostly out of date as it refers to the old, pre-tubeless-ready A23 rims. The new A23 rims feature a modified, "tubeless ready" rim profile; the tyre sits up on a shelf around the edge of the rim. These should work better with proper tubeless tyres. See also the Pacenti SL23, another tubeless-ready rim, much stronger and better finished than the A23.

    Cyclocross tyres

    We fitted a Hutchinson Piranha (tubeless ready) with just the NoTubes yellow tape and a 44mm Universal valve stem. The tyre was pretty tight and needed careful use (not damaging the yellow tape) of tyre levers to get the tyre on. It inlated immediately using a standard track pump.

    Then we tried a standard Maxxis Raze 700x33C. It went on very easily, too easily in fact with just the yellow tape, and burped easily. We fitted the Cyclocross rimstrip and it inflated a lot easier, either with some vigorous pumping from a normal track pump, or very easily with a compressor. In use it may need a layer of 17mm Velox tape under the rimstrip; we'll find out soon and add to this page.

    Road Tubeless

    To be confirmed, but since the Hutchinson cyclocross tyre inflated easily, the road tubeless tyres should too using just the yellow tape and 44mm valve stem. You'll need 2 layers of yellow tape to withstand the high pressure or it may pop through the spoke holes.

    Tyre pressure warning

    We've said this before but it's worth emphasising. Do not try and convert standard tyres to road tubeless; only use proper road tubeless tyres. If you want to run your cyclocross tyres over 40psi do not convert standard tyres. Normal tyres will be at risk of popping off the rim at over 40 psi. Over 50psi it's almost guaranteed to fail. The bead on road tubeless tyres is much stronger than on a standard kevlar tyre.

  • Salsa & Velocity rims


    Our rim range continues to grow with some new road and mountain bike products in from Salsa and Velocity.

    Salsa Delgado

    The Delgado is available in 26" and 29er size, with the 29er costing £39.99 per rim and the 26" £59.99 for reasons we don't understand! It comes with a cool chilli sticker.
    Read more about the rim here Salsa Delgados

    Velocity P35

    The P35 is designed by "650b guru" and all-round bike inventor Kirk Pacenti so they are bound to be a bit different, and at 35mm wide they are large. Our build here shows them on a customers front hub from a Jones Spaceframe, at 135mm wide they are the same as most rear hubs.

    The idea is that a super-wide rim expands the tyre more than normal so you get more traction, and you can run lower pressures making the tyre mould over bumps better - more comfort and less rolling resistance. More on the P35 rim here >

    Velocity A23

    More rims from Velocity expand our 700c range and the A23 has already been popular in the short time we've stocked it. Wide-ish for a road rim at 23mm gives the tyre a bigger footprint and smoother more comfortable ride, with the potential to be more aerodynamic as well.
    At £48 per rim the price is reasonable too, more on the rim here >

    The A23 is shown above laced to an Ambrosio hub, usual price £216 for the pair but currently in our 2011 summer sale from £183>

    Velocity Deep-V

    The Deep-V is one of the Velocity rims that comes in a range of powder coated colours, we've picked the orange to look at as it's our company colour here.  A deep section rim, it's mostly seen on fixies without the machined sidewalls (MSW) but we're not that cool so we've build a MSW on some Miche silver track hubs to take a look at them, normal price is  £220 - Currently in our summer sale 2011 for £187

    Aerohead rims

    The only power coated 700c non-deep section rim available from Velocity. We've got a pair of the "space blue" colour to look at, they have a nice finish and a reasonable weight of 423g (checked by us). They are also available in this long list of colours:

    Anodized finish: Black, Silver matt or Bright Gold.

    Powder Coated: White, Electric Blue, Frost Blue, Yellow, Lime Green, Anti-Freeze Green, Tangerine Orange, Red or Purple.

    more on the rim here >

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