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  • Enve 29er & Tune wheelset


    We had to pull out all the stops to get this one together for a customer so we thought we'd put it on the blog to make a few of you "Enveous".

    Enve 29er rims laced to Tune Cannonball Lefty and Kong in blue. Laced with red and black DT Swiss Aerolite spokes.

    It's  a shame the Prince and Cannonball SL hubs weren't available at the time otherwise it would be even lighter...note of caution - We found a little of the red powder coat flaked off the spokes where they are bent around the hub flange. It's only on the head-inwards spokes, and the Tune hubs are probably more susceptible to this than others due to the tight fit. It's also possible some red may come off where the spokes cross, although the ultra stiff Enve rim should minimise this.

    And the weights? 627g for the front, and 731g for the rear excluding rim tape and valves (total 1358g). Pretty light for a 29er wheelset, and extremely stiff.

    From the customer "I was out yesterday, testing for the first time: Absolutely fantastic performance!!! I love the way they act on the track."

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