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  • Ambrosio Crono tubular rims / Chris King R45 hubs wheelset on Pegoretti

    Pegoretti with our Ambrosio / Chris King R45 wheels on

    We wanted to share these rather nice photos of a customers wheels on his Pegoretti bike - there are no sofas to ruin this shot.

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  • H Plus Son Archetype rims - quick look


    NOW IN STOCK - click here to buy or spec some wheels in our custom road wheel builders, front and rear.

    We were introduced to H Plus Son rims at Bespoked handmade show at Bristol and came away with a sample of their new rim the Archetype. A new brand to us they have been around in the fixie crowd for a while with some more deep section rims and have aimed their rims at a more discerning rider looking for a better standard of finish.

    We were immediately impressed with the almost matt finish and virtually invisible weld joint, we're keen to try these rims out and will update when we've built up and ridden these rims. Continue reading

  • Just Riding Along team 2012

    We've assembled a small team for 2012 of riders who are all co-sponsered - as you can't get far on just a pair of wheels, its our first year to do something more formal so something we hope can grow. We have 5 mtb riders from a mixture of categories.


    Tom  Bell
    Category - Elite men, ranked 9th in 2011.
    Tom is riding for MSC bikes and Just Riding Along.
    Wheels : Tom has gone for the instock racers favorite of American Classic Hubs on NoTubes Podium rims.

    Tom was ranked 9th in Elite Men last year and riding full time in 2012.  With plans to race in the UK National Points series and in Europe this season as well as regional UK races.


    Melanie Alexander
    Category - Elite women
    Melanie is riding for Cyclopedia and Just Riding Along
    Wheels:  Mel is riding a 29er this year and we've built up the American Classic hubs on NoTubes Crest rims with Sapim CX-Ray spokes and purple nipples.

    Mel finished 3rd overall Elite in British Mountain Bike Series 2011 and is racing in 2012 as well as writing her blog on XC Racer website.

    Mels first ride on her new wheels:
    "I had a great weekend of mtbing trying out the new wheels. Could not resist a ride to Cawncarn and back on Saturday encluding a fast timed lap of Cawncarn to test out the new wheels and bike and was dead chuffed when I rode my quickest lap ever. "


    Jason Hucklesby
    Category - Expert men
    Jason is riding for BNFS and Just Riding Along
    Wheels: Jason gone for the American Classic hubs in white and the polished ZTR Podium rims for the favourite combination but looks a bit different.

    Jason has had a year out and returning to expert,  planning to do most of the national series, national champs, southern xc, rampage series and select other events such as the Brighton Big Dog. Hoping to build up to top 5 and podium places at a national level



    Gregg Booker
    Category - Youth Men (under 16)
    Gregg is riding for Matlock CC and Just Riding Along
    Wheels: Gregg has the NoTubes ZTR hubs with the NoTubes ZTR Podium rims making a light race ready set.

    Gregg was ranked 7th in 2011 and moving up to Youth in 2012 so will be racing his first year as a Youth rider. He hopes to stay top 10 in the Midlands XC series and to be ranked nationally in the top 15 for Mountainbike XC.


    Matt Wiggley
    Matt is riding the Gravity Enduro series and testing our new Pacenti rims.

    Wheels: We've built Matt a pair of Hope ProII Evos for the easy conversion onto the new Pacenti TL-28 rims to see how they suit the Gravity Enduro racing.

    Inital impressions were good:
    "Just a quick note to say my Pacenti wheels turned up yesterday and what can I say, They look almost like full on downhill rims but soo soo light!!!   I fitted my minion single ply 2.35 folding tyres and they blew up tubeless very easy first time too."


  • Bright polished finish on any rim

    We are pleased to finally be able to introduce our polished rims, after various in house attempts at stripping and buffing over the last year we have left it to the professionals and all our rims can now be ordered in a professional bright shine or sateen finish.


    Our polished NoTubes ZTR Flows are shown off here on a pair of Mango Chris Kings. Polishing adds £39 to the price of a wheelset.  These instock mango Chris Kings with polished flows are £712.


    The quickest way to get the new polished finish in use and on the trails was to buff up Jamies mountain bike wheels, hence the used hub and tyres. We've restickered the NoTubes ZTR Arch, unfortunately we won't be able to resticker all rims but most NoTubes decals are available.


    Bare rims showing a couple of different spoke and nipples colours.

    The polish may affect the braking surface on road rims with a machined brake track but this should not adversely effect performance.


    Sateen finish

    Sateen is a brushed finish and looks similar as if it were a bare aluminium with visible stroke marks, it gives a more industrial or raw finish on your wheelset.

    The professional finishes should last some time but will need occasional polishing.


    prices per rim
    bright polish + £19.50 per rim
    sateen polish + £14.50 per rim

    allow an extra 4 working days for this service.


    Colours coming soon

    Powder coat colours are in testing but here is a first look of some samples. Please ask for other powder coat colours, these candy colours with a slight sparkle will cost £21.50 per rim. These are only available for wheels that don't require a braking surface.

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