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  • An introduction to PowerTap hubs


    Power Tap G3 hub PowerTap G3 hub

    What is a PowerTap hub?

    SImply, a PowerTap hub works out the power you're producing to propel your bike along. It measures the torque being applied to the hub (how hard you're pressing on the pedals) and how fast the wheel's going round, and sends the data to your bike computer which can work out how much power you're producing. Power is what makes you go up hills.

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  • 5 shades of red

    Left to right: Hope pro II, Chris King R45, DT Swiss aluminium nipples, NoTubes Crest older "Cherry red" and new red anodised (rear).

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  • Tyre and rim compatibility and pressures

    The proliferation of tubeless ready tyre and rim designs has resulted in some significant compatibility issues where certain tyre and rim combinations don't work well together, or in some cases are dangerous. Actually these problems have existed since people started using tubeless tyres but it's got worse recently as different manufacturers come up with their own ideas for the perfect tubeless setup. This article is a brief summary of tubeless tyre/rim dos and don'ts.

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  • 29er race wheelsets - NoTubes ZTR Gold vs. American Classic NoTubes Crest 29er

    We've been through this more time than I can remember this year, the lure of the Stan's NoTubes ZTR Gold 29er wheelset against the American Classic hubs custom built onto Crest 29ers.

    NoTubes ZTR Race 29er Gold rims on NoTubes ZTR ti-hubs

    I say lure as there is something about the Golds that people 'want', the ultimate weight saving, knowing they have the lightest 29er rim - ever. It seems to override the very standard NoTubes ZTR hubs at the centre and the compromises which come with the extreme weight saving and which may be too much for some people. When 29ers came into existence we were shocked by how flexible the wheels were compared to the 26 inch size and that was before the Golds arrived on the scene.

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  • Rider reviews

    We've had some nice feedback recently so we thought we'd add some to our blog, normally we're the modest type but here are some recent happy customers.

  • new instock Hope ProII hub on NoTubes ZTR Arch EX rim

    Our new instock Hope ProII hub on NoTubes ZTR Arch EX rim offers great value with the Super Comp spokes at the same price as our Competition spokes prices from £353 here > with the ZTR ArchEX 29er for just £356. All hub/ rim colour and axle combinations available for no extra charge.

  • Cycling Weekly NoTubes ZTR Alpha 340 review

    Some while back we built up a pair of wheels for Cycling Weekly to test. They wanted to try the Stan's Alpha 340 rims with some road tubeless tyres so we built the rims onto American Classic Micro 58 and Road 205 hubs, with DT Aerolite spokes. We're pleased to say they liked them, concluding "I can't recommend these rims and wheel package enough, they're great".

    Cycling Weekly  ZTR Alpha 340 wheelset review


    Also reviewed were the Hutchinson Fusion 3 road tubeless tyres, an ideal partner for the Alpha 340 rims.

    All of these products are of course available to buy in our shop, and we can build the rims onto any hubs or spokes you would like.

    Some links to featured products:
    Alpha 340 Rims
    Hutchinson road tyres

    American Classic Micro 58 and 205 hubs laced to NoTubes ZTR Alpha 340 rims - lightweight build

    Miche Primato / Alpha 340 instock wheelset
    Online custom wheelbuilder

    Cycling Weekly ZTR Alpha 340 wheelset review


    Cycling Weekly Hutchinson Fusion 3 tyre review
    Cycling Weekly Hutchinson Fusion 3 tyre review
  • Patching and seating road tubeless tyres

    Q: I have Hutchinson Intensives on some NoTubes Alpha rims I bought from you. I have had a nail go through one and a big shard of glass through the other. The sealant didn't plug the holes and I now running them with inner tubes which is not great as it distorts the tyres and they ride with with a perceptible bump. Is it possible the patch the Intensives? If so do you sell a suitable product?

    A: I would recommend the Velox tubeless repair kits: velox-tubeless-patch-kit-no-option.html They repair most holes permanently. If it's a really big hole then the tyre may be a write-off but it doesn't sound it from your description. If you have a perceptible bump be careful, it means the tyre's not seated correctly. With Alphas (actually with many road rims, but especially the alphas) you may need to dust the tube with talcum powder or chalk dust to reduce stickiness between tube and tyre.

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