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  • road 11 speed wheelsets - Shimano Dura Ace and DT Swiss 240s

    DT Swiss 240 hub with 11 speed cassette body DT Swiss 240 hub with 11 speed cassette body

    11 speed is here! Well actually it's been around for a while, but we've only just started to see hubs come through in 11-speed compatible guise. First to arrive was the Shimano Dura-Ace, followed shortly after by the DT Swiss 240s road hubs.

    There's not a lot of difference in the hubs; all that's needed for Shimano 11 speed compatibility is a slightly longer freehub body. All 11-speed hubs so far come with a spacer to adapt them to 9 or 10 speed.

    DT Swiss hubs are certainly upgradeable with a new freehub body and drive-side spacer, the 11-speed versions come laser engraved with "11 speed road" on both freehub body and spacer. This means that both 240 and 350 road hubs will convert between 10 and 11 speed since the parts are interchangeable. We're not sure if older Shimano hubs are convertible to 11 speed yet, probably not but we will try it at some point.

    Shimano Dura Ace hub with 11 speed cassette body Shimano Dura-Ace hub with 11 speed cassette body

    What's next? Well, Sram XX1 (using the "XD" style freehubs) will be the next 11-speed hubs to arrive. We are expecting conversion kits for DT Swiss hubs to arrive into stock around the beginning of December. These consist of a freehub body and end cap, available in QR, 135x10mm or 142x12mm versions. The Sram XD freehubs look completely different to Shimano or Campag 11-speed freehubs and are not currently compatible with anything else.

    Presumably more manufacturers will follow suit soon with 11-speed Shimano compatibility.

  • Customer Enve on Carbon Normad

    Carbon Enve Composites matches Santa Crus Nomad in ... carbon. Carbon Enve Composites matches Santa Cruz Nomad in ... carbon.

    Carbon, carbon, carbon, matching front coming up when the 650b Enve Composites are available.

    A 26" Enve AM laced to DT 240s rear hub for one of the lightest, strongest wheels you can buy. As an extra twist, the front wheel is a slightly oversized 650b, curently a DT 240s hub laced to a 650b Pacenti TL28 rim. A pretty good combination anyway, and the rim will be replaced with an Enve AM 650b once they arrive here in December.

  • 1st look as Singletrack try 650b wheelset

    "These wheels came from Just Riding Along, big fans of 650b, tubeless and anything slightly quirky!" say Singletrack World in their fresh good Friday page.
    wheelset here > DT Swiss 350 hubs laced to Pacenti TL-28 650b rims - £4

  • Pacenti DL31 rim - and the elusive DT Swiss 240 Lefty hub

    A couple of long-awaited treats turned up just in time for Bespoked, the UK handmade bicycle show in Bristol last weekend (23rd-25th March 2012).

    We've been very impressed with Kirk Pacenti's TL28 rims so have been wanting to get our hands on the next rim from his lineup, the DL31. Weighing in at just over 500g for a 650b model (I think it was 505g but forgot to write it down and now we've built it up), it's got the same tubeless profile as its lightweight little brother and is impressively wide at 31mm. It's aimed at the hard-to-define AM - Enduro - light DH category and while I'm trying to avoid the comparison, it's probably a eyeletted, wider alternative to Stan's ZTR Flow.

    Just to make a really special wheel we laced the DL31 up to a DT Swiss 240 Lefty hub which we've been waiting months for. The hub is made to the usual DT Swiss standards, weighing in about 15g lighter than the standard Cannondale Lefty Si when you include the custom aluminium Lefty bolt. At £150 it's 4 times the price of the Cannondale hub but the bearings should be better and it will match up if you want a 240s on the rear.

  • New DT Swiss 350 road and MTB hubs

    Just arrived, some new DT Swiss 350 hubs which replace (and improve upon) the old mid-range 340. The rear hubs use exactly the same internals as the 240s which means that all the rear conversion kits can be used.


    The range covers both road and mountain bike hubs.

    Axle compatibility of MTB hubs
    So far the mountain bike hubs we've looked at are front QR and 15mm centerlock hubs, and a rear centerlock. We've taken them apart to check their compatibility.

    Front QR: Not convertible to anything else. Uses a different axle to 240 hubs.
    Front 15mm: Not convertible to anything else.
    Rear 135x5mm QR: Converts to 135x10, 135x12, 142x12 (X12) using 240s kits.

    Star ratchet compatibility
    Rear hubs use the same 18 tooth star ratchet system as the 240s, so the 36T star ratchet fits the 350 (and saves 10g off the hub weight due to being hollowed-out).

    Weights - front hubs
    Road 28h 151g
    MTB QR 32h centerlock 158g
    MTB 15mm thru axle centerlock 137g

    Weights - rear hubs

    Rear road 28h 268g
    Rear QR 32h centerlock 275g

  • DT Swiss 180 carbon ceramic hubs now available

    DT Swiss have updated their 190 hubs with a carbon shell, and called them the "180"... which is about the weight of the rear road hubs. Available in Shimano or Campag road versions, and centerlock (QR only) mountain bike versions, the price is high enough to put off most people but if you need the best and have QR axles, you won't find anything lighter that works as well.

    As always with DT, although they're light it's not just about the weight. You can bet that these hubs will last longer than pretty much anything else, the ceramic bearings will roll smoother, and they won't let you down. Just as well at these prices (£275 front, £500 rear). Buy them here now >.

    Here are a couple of pictures, it's a shame they don't have any carbon showing (it's the hub shell - the central tube) but they still look pretty:



    180 ceramic road front


    180 ceramic road rear shimano


  • Bespoked Bristol – the show builds - part 2

    Some more photos of the wheels we took the Bespoked Bristol show. If you missed part 1, click here.

    Enve Carbon All mountain wheelset

    The best AM/downhill wheelset money can buy. DT Swiss 240 hubs and Aerolite bladed spoked are a natural match for the strongest, stiffest, lightest rims we've seen. No compromises (including on the price).

    hubs DT Swiss 240s
    rims Enve Composites AM
    spokes DT Swiss Aerolite
    nipples Pillar aluminium (internal)
    weight 1569g
    DT Swiss 240 hubs oversize front 20mm, QR rear. Front is convertible to QR, 9mm through axle (eg DT RWS) or 15mm thru bolt. Rear converts to 12 x 135 or 12x142mm.
    price £2,063.00
    buy now> £1,959.85 (discount price for show build)

    aero road racing wheelset - Enve Composites 45 with American Classic hubs

    hubs American Classic
    rims Enve Composites 45
    spokes Sapim CX-Ray
    nipples Pillar aluminium (internal)
    weight 1396g
    20 hole front Micro 58 hub, 24 hole rear Road 205
    buy now> £1,765 (discount price for show build)

    Enve's 45mm deep full carbon clincher rims are built onto American Classic road hubs for a light, aero wheelset ideal for road racing or time trials. The moulded-in (not drilled) spoke holes mean we can wind up the bladed Sapim CX-Ray spokes to a high tension with no fear of them pulling through the rim.

    quick, colourful road wheels - Pink Chris King R45 hubs laced to NoTubes ZTR Alpha 340 rims

    Perfect for lighter riders, the 20h front and 24h rear Alpha 340 rims laced to the the Chris King R45 road hubs in pink laced to NoTubes Alpha 340 road rims.

    Please ask about other Chris King, road builds or lacing patterns. Most of these haven't been put into the online custom wheelbuilder yet but can be built at Just Riding Along.

    hubs Chris King R45 - pink 20/24h
    rims NoTubes ZTR Alpha 340
    spokes Sapim CX-Ray
    nipples DT Swiss aluminium
    weight 1264g
    20 hole front wheel- radially laced / 24 hole rear wheel radially laced non-drive side, 2 cross drive
    Actual weights, front 567g / rear 697g, pair 1264g.
    price     £695
    available to order as a suggested build, please enquire to find out if your preferred hub colour and spoke count is available.

    all mountain wheelset with mango hubs

    Chris King hubs, in orange, with orange spoke nipples on ZTR Flow rims. Perfect combination for Enduro downhill races or just all-round riding.

    hubs Chris King - mango
    rims NoTubes ZTR Flow
    spokes DT Swiss Competition
    nipples Sapim aluminium - orange
    price £673

    available to order as a suggested build, please enquire to find out if your preferred hub colour and spoke count is available.

    Chris King large flange 15mm front hub, rear 12 x 135mm. Convertible to 20mm front, and 10x135 or 12x135mm rear at no extra cost, please contact us to arrange this.

    Shown in the photo with the Maxxis Ikon tyre (2.2 eXC 62a 3C EXO).

    burly Surly single-speed wheel

    Indestructible 29er singlespeed rear wheel on the only 36h NoTubes rim available. Disk brake compatible hub.

    hubs Surly Single speed - disc, solid bolt-on axle
    rims NoTubes ZTR Flow 29er 36 hole
    spokes DT Swiss Competition
    nipples DT Swiss brass nipples - silver
    weight 1153g
    price £182

    available to order as a suggested build, please enquire to find out if your preferred hub colour and spoke count is available.

  • Bespoked Bristol - the show builds - part 1

    We took some of our newest and latest wheels to the Bespoked hand made bicycle show in Bristol. The Enve carbon wheelsets (both mountain bike and road) were predictably the main attraction for a lot of people, but the second most popular wheels were at the other end of the price scale - Miche road hubs on Ambrosio road rims for £244. Other MTB highlights were cherry red Crests, 650b's, triplet spoke lacing and Alfine 11spds. On the road side, Chris King R45 hubs built on Alpha 340 rims were looking good.

    We have recreated the show in our own yard, some of the wheels are now for sale at a small discount, but all are available as custom builds to your own specification. There will be a part 2 coming soon with the rest.


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