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  • Cyclocross wheels and tyres, updated for 2012.

    disk road or cross build - Hope Pro2 Evo laced to H Plus Son Archetype rim

    Hope Pro2 Evo laced to H Plus Son Archetype rim

    I first wrote this article in autumn 2011 but things have moved on a lot since then with a greater choice of wheel components and some products being discontinued. It's a long one so for a whistle-stop tour of our best cross components  keep reading after the "more" link.

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  • H Plus Son Archetype rims - quick look


    NOW IN STOCK - click here to buy or spec some wheels in our custom road wheel builders, front and rear.

    We were introduced to H Plus Son rims at Bespoked handmade show at Bristol and came away with a sample of their new rim the Archetype. A new brand to us they have been around in the fixie crowd for a while with some more deep section rims and have aimed their rims at a more discerning rider looking for a better standard of finish.

    We were immediately impressed with the almost matt finish and virtually invisible weld joint, we're keen to try these rims out and will update when we've built up and ridden these rims. Continue reading

  • Maxxis Raze cyclocross tyre review

    Maxxis Raze kevlar


    I don't know much about cyclocross tyres, but I do know what I like. Well, what I don't like anyway, which is tyres that are puncture-prone, draggy and have no grip. That describes pretty well the tyres that came on my Kona Jake the Snake, some hefty Kendas which rode like greased-up tractor tyres.

    Happily these Maxxis Raze are just about the opposite. I've been riding them to work and back several times a week since June, on and off-road, and they haven't punctured or thrown me off once in all that time. They roll fast enough to lose any opportunist roadies that want a race on the way home, and there's a surprising amount of tread left after so much road use - check out the photos. They grip very well on loose surfaces, though I haven't tried them in much mud yet. Looking out the window at the rain, I should get a chance to test them in some gloop pretty soon.

    No doubt some of this miraculous performance is down to the tubelessness. Despite not having any claims to being "Tubeless Ready", like most Maxxis they inflate really easily on my NoTubes rims (Alpha 340 road) and hold pressure well - only needing an air top-up every 10 days or so. If I was to be picky about them I would say that at 33C width, they're not very forgiving on rocky trails and you need to maintain a few psi in there to keep from bottoming the rim out all the time.

    Definitely the best CX tyres I've used so far, highly recommended. And as luck would have it, you can buy them here for £24.29 at the time of writing.

    Raze tyre tubeless on a ZTR Alpha wheel


    Weight: 350g (kevlar bead)
    Compound: 62A
    Size: 700 x 33C

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