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  • New for 2014 - Chris King Turquoise & Enve Composites road-disk rims

    Zeppelin hanger complete with Zeppelin Zeppelin hanger complete with Zeppelin

    A couple of things caught our eye at Eurobike that we wanted to tell you about, first the new Chris King limited edition Turquoise colour, it does look an almost normal blue on photos but compare it to the (fuzzy)  shot of the headsets a few pictures down the page of the existing Navy and the new Turquoise it is a whole lot lighter in colour. We don't know how many will be around but if you definitely want some you'll need to order by the cut off of mid-November this year. We'll be taking deposits now and then full payment on arrival next spring - call us to place your order.

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  • Enve SES 3.4 rims built with Chris King R45 hubs

    Customer bike with Enve SES 3.4 rims, Chris King R45 hubs wheelset "Just took the wheels on a test run. love them! Very smooth and feel fast...Will tell all my friends what a great job you've done".

    Ceramic bearings in the Chris King R45 hubs complete this no-compromises wheelset, and the customer was kind enough to send us a photo of them fitted to his bike (with some very nice Campag Super Record components).

    The first ride report was brief but to the point,
    "Just took the wheels on a test run. love them! Very smooth and feel fast...Will tell all my friends what a great job you've done",
    just what we'd hope for with wheels like this.

    The Enve 3.4 SES (Smart Enve System) rims come as a front and pair with differing characteristics. The front has a rim depth of 35mm, while the rear is 45mm, and the widths vary too; a deep 26mm wide for the front, and 24mm for the rear. In this tubular incarnation they weigh in at 340g front, 380g rear.

    Take a look at our custom online road wheel builders if you'd like to spec some similar wheels, or contact us for some advice.

  • Bombproof Enve wheels

    Probably the strongest 29er wheels we've built so far, with a few custom touches we thought they were worth putting up on the blog with a few words.

    The Enve AM 29er rim is one of the strongest around, and to complete the bombproof build they were specced with Chris King ISO disk hubs including a stainless steel drive shell (freehub body). Not that we've had any trouble with the aluminium ones.

    Most of our Enve builds use Sapim CX-Ray or DT Revolution spokes. The 2.0mm internal spoke nipples mean that DT Supercomps with their 1.8mm thread can't be used, however we needed extra strength for this build so Sapim's new D-Light spoke (2.0-1.65mm double butted) came to the rescue. Weight for 32 spokes in 288mm length comes to 170g.

    Wheel weights: Front 824g, rear 1009g

    The customer sent us a quick email after trying them out....

    "Just wanted to report back on my first ride on these wheels, they're amazing!  You were right, night and day [compared] with my previous wheels.

    Spent a few hours riding around Surrey, Pitch, Winterfold and Holmbury. Initially had to re-learn to ride downhill again, turn-in is so much quicker, cornering is incredibly precise. Only did one little drop (Judges Seat), the wheels feel very solid upon landing :-)"

  • Chris King ISO disk hubs laced to Enve AM rims

    Chris king ISO disk hubs laced to Enve Carbon AM rims

    I don't think it can get any better than this Chris King / Enve / CX-Ray combination. One of the stiffest, strongest wheelsets money can buy with a weight of just 1584g per pair and able to take a lot of hammer.

    The unrivalled stiffness of the Enve rims means that lightweight bladed Sapim CX-Ray spokes can be used for a weight and aerodynamic advantage with no concerns over wheel stiffness.

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  • Ambrosio Crono tubular rims / Chris King R45 hubs wheelset on Pegoretti

    Pegoretti with our Ambrosio / Chris King R45 wheels on

    We wanted to share these rather nice photos of a customers wheels on his Pegoretti bike - there are no sofas to ruin this shot.

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  • Chris King Campagnolo freehubs at last

    You wait years for a new Chris King product and then two of them come along at once. Campagnolo 11-speed freehub body and ceramic bearings come together in the latest incarnation of the light, bright and fast R45 road hub; is this the best road hub on the market? Probably...at a price (about £480, since you asked).

    Chris King R45 with Campagnolo freehub body

    We built a pair of these mini masterpieces up with Enve 65 rims and de-rigeur Sapim CX-Rays for an all-black, no excuses wheelset. The front wheel had to settle for standard stainless steel bearings but the rear is fully kitted out with the new ceramic option and it shows, give it a spin and watch it go, you could brew a pot of tea before it stops.

    One thing which nearly caught us out is the cassette lockring. The R45 Campag-compatible hubs include a beautiful shiny aluminium lockring (check it out in the gallery photos below) but you need to choose which size smallest sprocket you're going to run, and at the moment they are only shipping with 11T-fitting lockrings. If you try to fit a 12T cassette, the lockring won't do any locking (it fits inside the 12T). And the standard Campag lockring supplied with 11sp cassettes won't work either; the threads aren't long enough. So for the moment you'd better break out the strong legs and stick an 11T on there. Not that that's a problem with 10 other gears to get you out of trouble. It might all work fine with the shorter cog stack of 10-sp Campag and a normal lockring, but we haven't got any around to try.

    A brief word on the availability of all these options. 12T lockrings are likely to be available in 2 weeks, maybe longer, the latest news is that Chris King have just made them. The ceramic bearings are also available as an option on the "traditional" Shimano 8/9/10 speed compatible hubs. And finally, Campagnolo cassette bodies are interchangeable with Shimano ones in case you make the switch one way or the other.

  • Bright polished finish on any rim

    We are pleased to finally be able to introduce our polished rims, after various in house attempts at stripping and buffing over the last year we have left it to the professionals and all our rims can now be ordered in a professional bright shine or sateen finish.


    Our polished NoTubes ZTR Flows are shown off here on a pair of Mango Chris Kings. Polishing adds £39 to the price of a wheelset.  These instock mango Chris Kings with polished flows are £712.


    The quickest way to get the new polished finish in use and on the trails was to buff up Jamies mountain bike wheels, hence the used hub and tyres. We've restickered the NoTubes ZTR Arch, unfortunately we won't be able to resticker all rims but most NoTubes decals are available.


    Bare rims showing a couple of different spoke and nipples colours.

    The polish may affect the braking surface on road rims with a machined brake track but this should not adversely effect performance.


    Sateen finish

    Sateen is a brushed finish and looks similar as if it were a bare aluminium with visible stroke marks, it gives a more industrial or raw finish on your wheelset.

    The professional finishes should last some time but will need occasional polishing.


    prices per rim
    bright polish + £19.50 per rim
    sateen polish + £14.50 per rim

    allow an extra 4 working days for this service.


    Colours coming soon

    Powder coat colours are in testing but here is a first look of some samples. Please ask for other powder coat colours, these candy colours with a slight sparkle will cost £21.50 per rim. These are only available for wheels that don't require a braking surface.

  • more instock wheelbuilds - red R45 / race 29er / burly Surly front


    NoTubes ZTR Race 29er Gold rims on NoTubes ZTR ti-hubs

    New NoTubes Race 29er wheelset

    Extra light (1347g/pair) 29er wheelset. The NoTubes ZTR Race 29er Gold wheels use the NoTubes ZTR 3.30 ti hubs which have a titanium drive ring and stainless steel bearings. Quick releases with titanium rod and carbon lever are included with the wheels, they weigh 36g (front) and 40g (rear). The front wheels are convertible to 15mm through axles.

    The Race 29er Gold wheelset is available as a special order item, with approximately 2-3 week lead time, on our website. These wheels are built by NoTubes but to ensure we are happy with the build quality, we slacken it off the wheels and retrue them here at Just Riding Along. This will ensure they are built to our standards. The only thing we won't fix is misaligned hub / rim logos.

    hubs ZTR 3.30 Ti (titanium drive ring in rear hub)
    rims Stan's NoTubes Race 29er Gold
    spokes DT Swiss Revolution 1.5/1.8mm
    nipples Silver aluminium
    weight 1347g

    buy now> £660



    Surly singlespeed hubs with Stan's NoTubes ZTR Flow 36 hole rims



    Burly Surly - now a wheelset

    After the success of our Surly 36 hole / Flow rear wheel combo we've built - yes - a front wheel to match! Pairs and individual wheels are now available in stock, and other hub versions are available to order. Various combinations of fixed/freewheel/disk/120mm/130mm/135mm dropouts are available, generally the non-disk hubs are cheaper.

    hubs Surly disk hubs 36h
    NoTubes Flow 29er 36h
    DT Swiss Competition black
    Silver brass
    pair 2241g,  front 1088g, rear 1153g (with nuts, without yellow tap.)

    cost pair £279.43 buy now>

    Red Chris King R45 hub laced onto Stan's NoTubes Alpha 340 rim

    Red Chris King R45,  with NoTubes ZTR Alpha 340 rim.

    After the Pink Chris King hubs on our previous stock wheelset we've toned it down a little with the red build and upped the spoke count so it will suit more riders.

    hubs Chris King R45 red, 24h front / 28h rear
    rims Stan's NoTubes Alpha 340
    spokes Sapim CX-Ray black
    nipples Red aluminium
    weight weights: 1293g pair, front 583g, rear 720g (weighed without yellow tape.)

    Now available from stock. £688.16

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