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  • Boneshaker 7 out now

    Boneshaker 7 out now, online for £5. Back issues 5 & 6 are still on sale and have been reduced to £3.50.

  • Boneshaker magazine 5 instock

    We got a small pile of the Boneshaker magazine, its the first time we've seen it and its very nice. A mixture of bike, touring and thoughts with illustrations and photos. £5 here

    The 'trailer bear' artwork used on the cover is available as a screensaver too...http://www.boneshakermag.com/downloads/

    Jon's been reading the last couple of issues and here's a quick review of what to expect:

    Boneshaker's a bit different to any of the other magazines we've stocked. It combines photos, drawings and stories to cover pretty much every aspect of bicycle culture, on or offroad, touring, art, history, and a few things which defy categorisation, but they all have a bike involved somewhere. Although it's less than 60 pages there are no adverts, and if an article comes out too long there is a simple solution; make the font really, really small until it fits.

    It has a distinctly UK-based style but with articles from all around the world, in fact I think virtually every country in the world is covered in issue 5 (the first we're stocking...we were a bit slow on the uptake there because it's a quarterly publication and we only heard of it when it got to issue 4). The intro to the first article mentions Iran, Australia, India, France, America and London and I saw Nicaragua and Malawi on the next few pages...it's very well travelled.

    At only £5 it's a bargain which will take at least twice as long to read as any of the mainstream mags. All the articles are professionally written (or at least edited), it's printed on some thick paper with a card cover and it all looks very nice. Go to the shop now and buy a copy, you won't be disappointed.

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