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  • Industry Nine wheels are back

    The light, bright, stiff wheels from North Carolina are due back BACK NOW! in stock at JRA soon after 2 or 3 years away (that's why all our photos show old rims), sometime in December we hope now. As before we're building on Stan's NoTubes rims, with others to order if the spoke lengths match up.

    The first thing to notice about Industry Nine wheelsets is the bright colours and anodised aluminium spokes but there's a lot more to them than that. 120 engagement points in the hubs, unbelievable stiffness from the thick (but light) spokes, interchangeability between all the usual axle types...

    The wheels come in a few formats; Mountain bike wheels come with XC or Enduro hub options (details below), and 3 different spoke thicknesses. They are available in 26", 650b and 29er sizes, and with Shimano/Sram 9/10 speed or Sram XD (for XX1 11-speed) freehubs. Front hubs to fit the Cannondale Lefty forks are also available. Then there's a singlespeed rear hub too...basically there's an I9 hub to fit virtually any bike. Expected prices for standard colours (red, black, silver) is around £780 per pair of wheels, custom colours are extra (probably £60 - £80 per pair).

    I had a pair (the orange ones in the photos below) and loved riding them. The stiffness of the aluminium spokes and the Stan's Flow rims was like no other wheels I've ridden. They are strong too; I never broke a spoke or had the wheel go out of true even after a load of races and the Megavalanche.

    Then there are the "classic" hubs; same internals as the wheelsets but with conventional flanges for normal J-bend steel spokes.

    Finally the road hubs, these weren't available back when we first built Industry Nine wheels so we're still working out the options, but the hubs look every bit as good as the MTB hubs and come in at just 86g front, 240g rear with a 39(!) tooth drive ring and 3 pawls for low drag - road hubs just don't need the fast take-up of the MTB hubs.

  • Bombproof Enve wheels

    Probably the strongest 29er wheels we've built so far, with a few custom touches we thought they were worth putting up on the blog with a few words.

    The Enve AM 29er rim is one of the strongest around, and to complete the bombproof build they were specced with Chris King ISO disk hubs including a stainless steel drive shell (freehub body). Not that we've had any trouble with the aluminium ones.

    Most of our Enve builds use Sapim CX-Ray or DT Revolution spokes. The 2.0mm internal spoke nipples mean that DT Supercomps with their 1.8mm thread can't be used, however we needed extra strength for this build so Sapim's new D-Light spoke (2.0-1.65mm double butted) came to the rescue. Weight for 32 spokes in 288mm length comes to 170g.

    Wheel weights: Front 824g, rear 1009g

    The customer sent us a quick email after trying them out....

    "Just wanted to report back on my first ride on these wheels, they're amazing!  You were right, night and day [compared] with my previous wheels.

    Spent a few hours riding around Surrey, Pitch, Winterfold and Holmbury. Initially had to re-learn to ride downhill again, turn-in is so much quicker, cornering is incredibly precise. Only did one little drop (Judges Seat), the wheels feel very solid upon landing :-)"

  • Enve 29er & Tune wheelset


    We had to pull out all the stops to get this one together for a customer so we thought we'd put it on the blog to make a few of you "Enveous".

    Enve 29er rims laced to Tune Cannonball Lefty and Kong in blue. Laced with red and black DT Swiss Aerolite spokes.

    It's  a shame the Prince and Cannonball SL hubs weren't available at the time otherwise it would be even lighter...note of caution - We found a little of the red powder coat flaked off the spokes where they are bent around the hub flange. It's only on the head-inwards spokes, and the Tune hubs are probably more susceptible to this than others due to the tight fit. It's also possible some red may come off where the spokes cross, although the ultra stiff Enve rim should minimise this.

    And the weights? 627g for the front, and 731g for the rear excluding rim tape and valves (total 1358g). Pretty light for a 29er wheelset, and extremely stiff.

    From the customer "I was out yesterday, testing for the first time: Absolutely fantastic performance!!! I love the way they act on the track."

  • Bespoked Bristol - the show builds - part 1

    We took some of our newest and latest wheels to the Bespoked hand made bicycle show in Bristol. The Enve carbon wheelsets (both mountain bike and road) were predictably the main attraction for a lot of people, but the second most popular wheels were at the other end of the price scale - Miche road hubs on Ambrosio road rims for £244. Other MTB highlights were cherry red Crests, 650b's, triplet spoke lacing and Alfine 11spds. On the road side, Chris King R45 hubs built on Alpha 340 rims were looking good.

    We have recreated the show in our own yard, some of the wheels are now for sale at a small discount, but all are available as custom builds to your own specification. There will be a part 2 coming soon with the rest.


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