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  • New DT Swiss 350 road and MTB hubs

    Just arrived, some new DT Swiss 350 hubs which replace (and improve upon) the old mid-range 340. The rear hubs use exactly the same internals as the 240s which means that all the rear conversion kits can be used.


    The range covers both road and mountain bike hubs.

    Axle compatibility of MTB hubs
    So far the mountain bike hubs we've looked at are front QR and 15mm centerlock hubs, and a rear centerlock. We've taken them apart to check their compatibility.

    Front QR: Not convertible to anything else. Uses a different axle to 240 hubs.
    Front 15mm: Not convertible to anything else.
    Rear 135x5mm QR: Converts to 135x10, 135x12, 142x12 (X12) using 240s kits.

    Star ratchet compatibility
    Rear hubs use the same 18 tooth star ratchet system as the 240s, so the 36T star ratchet fits the 350 (and saves 10g off the hub weight due to being hollowed-out).

    Weights - front hubs
    Road 28h 151g
    MTB QR 32h centerlock 158g
    MTB 15mm thru axle centerlock 137g

    Weights - rear hubs

    Rear road 28h 268g
    Rear QR 32h centerlock 275g

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