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  • Plywood bicycles

    Our ply-wood bikes have been touring with us for a few years now and we've decided to go into production. They retail for £250 each (inc. VAT) and as with all bikes are available in a variety of wheel sizes.

    We plan to expand our range so please get in touch through our contact page for these and other wooden point of sale. As the range expands we'll keep adding to the page.




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  • Hope Pro3 Mono compared to Mono RS hubs

    With the delivery of the first Hope Mono RS hubs we've been able to take a look at how they have changed from the Pro3 Mono and look at the compatibility issues.

    Hope Mono RS hub Hope Mono RS hub

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  • Tour de France 2014 - Midhope to Bradfield

    High Bradfield on the Tour de France 2014 High Bradfield on the Tour de France route 2014

    Filled with Tour fever earlier this year in August I took a detour on the way to work to sample and photograph some of the route. Expect excessive grit stone photography,

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  • New for 2014 - Chris King Turquoise & Enve Composites road-disk rims

    Zeppelin hanger complete with Zeppelin Zeppelin hanger complete with Zeppelin

    A couple of things caught our eye at Eurobike that we wanted to tell you about, first the new Chris King limited edition Turquoise colour, it does look an almost normal blue on photos but compare it to the (fuzzy)  shot of the headsets a few pictures down the page of the existing Navy and the new Turquoise it is a whole lot lighter in colour. We don't know how many will be around but if you definitely want some you'll need to order by the cut off of mid-November this year. We'll be taking deposits now and then full payment on arrival next spring - call us to place your order.

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  • Dr Bike check-ups

    We're hosting a monthly Dr Bike clinic during the summer, free for any one to bring their bike for a safety check. Run by Sheffield Cycle Boost and Recycle bikes they can help get your bike on the road for free.

    What does it do
    "The bike doctor will give your bike a full safety check. We will fix any minor repairs on the spot for free and if we find anything more serious we'll give you a prescription to take to your local bike shop."

    Saturday 9.30am-1pm
    29th June
    27th July
    7th September

    Just drop in no appointment needed, while-you-wait or collect later if its busy.
    email: if you need more details.

  • Bespoked Bristol 2013

    Field Cycles at Bespoked Bristol Field Cycles at Bespoked Bristol

    We are back and finally recovered and tidied up after Bespoked Bristol last weekend. As well as our own stand we built wheels for some frame builders and built wheels for the live build demonstration.

    The show was packed, especially on Saturday with around 4000 visitors attending, and 2000 on the Sunday. Jon joined up with Klaus from Sapim for the live wheel build demonstration on Sunday morning, it was surprisingly nerve-wracking with people watching but it went well and we ended up with a pair of wheels for the live build bike (a lucky raffle winner won a bike to be built during the show).

    Most of the time we were too busy to take photos but managed to grab a few at the end:

    We built wheels for these frame builders:

    DMO frameworks - titanium bike packer
    Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub laced to NoTubes ZTR Crest 29er rim
    Chris King ISO disk hubs laced to NoTubes ZTR Arch 29er rims

    Field Cycles
    American Classic disk 130 & 225 hubs laced to NoTubes Crest 29er rims
    Hope Pro3 Mono hubs black laced to H Plus Son Archetype grey rims

    Rusby Cycles
    Hope Pro3 Mono hubs gunsmoke laced to H Plus Son Archetype black rims

    Slate Cycles
    Hope Pro3 Mono hubs laced to H Plus Son Archetype rims, all black

     See you again in Bristol next year!
  • Single-speed cassette or screw on cog options

    Single-speed parts, White Industries freewheel and Surly cogs and singulator Single-speed parts, White Industries freewheel and Surly cogs and singulator

    Singlespeed mountain bike hubs come in three varieties, cassette-style where the freewheel mechanism is built into the hub, screw-on freewheel where it’s built into a sprocket which screws on to the hub, and fixed, where the sprocket attaches directly to the hub - there is no freewheel and you have to keep pedalling as long as the bike is moving.

    We’ve found that the cassette type hubs need a lot more looking after than screw-on freewheels, so for the ultimate in low maintenance reliability we recommend a good quality screw-on hub such as Paul Components with a White Industries ENO freewheel. The ENOs come in 16-22T versions, last for many years and are fully rebuildable if a part wears out.

    For the ultimate in low maintenance the fixed option should also save you some brake pads as you can control your speed to some extent with your legs. Unfortunately riding fixed offroad is pretty tricky and is only for a diehard few.

    Surly Singulator      £39.99
    Surly Cog cassette fit     £22.49
    Surly Cog screw-on     £22.49
    White Industries ENO freewheel     £69.00

  • Some Clown Shoes for Aidan Harding.

    Surly Clown Shoe rims on Hope Fatsno hubs Surly Clown Shoe rims on Hope Fatsno hubs

    It's hard to look at these wheels without smiling, they are so utterly crazy but they are going to be used in a very serious race where I don't think grinning and clowning around get you anywhere. Aidan Harding contacted us for sponsorship for some wheels for his new Singular fatbike, the Puffin, to be used in the 2014 Iditarod Invitational. Note the 1 year testing period. None of the usual "can you get me the wheels for the race this Sunday" business.

    It's hard to get a sense of scale for these wheels from the photos so here are a few factoids:
    Rims are 26" diameter (559mm), although with the 4.7" Big Fat Larry or the 4.8" Bud and Lou tyres they measure up at 2 inches bigger diameter than a normal 29er tyre. (782mm against a 29er at 736mm). They are 100mm wide, that's 4 times the width of a normal mountain bike rim. The rims weigh in at 960g each, which sounds a lot but they are so big they actually feel quite light when you pick them up. Recommended tyre pressures are something like 6-10psi (1/2 to 3/4 bar). When you inflate the tyres, the rim tapes bulge through the holes and look cool. You can get different coloured rim tapes for this reason. Lacing the wheels was straightforward enough and the rims are nice and round out of the box. Truing them pushed our wheel stands to the limits, both for the hub width and rim width.

    If you're not familiar with the Iditarod, the full distance is 1100 miles across Alaska in February and March - there is a "short" 300 mile race too - but Aidan holds the singlespeed record for the 1100 miles of 17 days, 9 hours, 15 minutes for the southern route. That's only 3 hours behind the geared bike record. I don't think gears count for much in that kind of snow. Aiden also holds another record, the only article I've read from start to finish in Privateer (about the Grenzsteintrophy).

    Keep up with Aidan on his own website

    buy Surly Clown shoe rims or contact us for custom wheel builds (Snow bike parts are not in our online builders yet ! )

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