650b wheels on... Intense Slopestyle

We had to build up a pair of 650b wheels to try out but what to put them on... first up Jons Intense Slopestyle. The wheels do go round but as you can see from the photos only just.

The front wheel was build up with the Pacenti 650b rims and the Pacenti Mega Moto 2.4 tyre mounted so this is quite a harsh test, the rear has the Pacenti Neo Moto 2.1 tyre fitted.

The Intense has a low bottom bracket so the extra height off the ground wasn't a problem. The rear wheel was and a QR axle was fitted into the 12mm drop outs to enable the back wheel to slide back a bit, proper sliding drop outs would be a bonus - until the chain was too short. The front Lyriks are scraping the fork arch, some 650b specific forks or a less chunky tyre would be the answer. But we rode it anyway...

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