650b wheels on... Cotic Rocket

The Cotic Rocket tries 650b wheels - fails

Cy brought his latest bike the Cotic Rocket round to try with some 650b wheels, we really wanted it to work and at first it looked like there would be loads of clearance, but unfortunately the tyre bottoms out on the seat tube before full travel is reached so don't try this at home.

Of course you can fit a shock with a shorter stroke (50mm rather than the standard 57mm would do it) but this idea had Cy frowning and looking distressed at the havoc it would play with the geometry and handling, lifting the bottom bracket off the ground and reducing the sag.

Happily the Fox forks on the front cleared the Pacenti Mega Moto 2.4" easily (and anyway, 650b Foxs will be plentiful in the next few months). You'll have to wait to see if Cotic make a 650b specific version of the Rocket, although with the 26" version only just in production and a load of additional tooling needed for a different rear end, I don't think it will be soon.

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