Patching and seating road tubeless tyres

Q: I have Hutchinson Intensives on some NoTubes Alpha rims I bought from you. I have had a nail go through one and a big shard of glass through the other. The sealant didn't plug the holes and I now running them with inner tubes which is not great as it distorts the tyres and they ride with with a perceptible bump. Is it possible the patch the Intensives? If so do you sell a suitable product?

A: I would recommend the Velox tubeless repair kits: velox-tubeless-patch-kit-no-option.html They repair most holes permanently. If it's a really big hole then the tyre may be a write-off but it doesn't sound it from your description. If you have a perceptible bump be careful, it means the tyre's not seated correctly. With Alphas (actually with many road rims, but especially the alphas) you may need to dust the tube with talcum powder or chalk dust to reduce stickiness between tube and tyre.

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