more about buying wheels

wheel build quality

Every wheel is expertly built from start to finish in our Sheffield workshop with all components checked and prepared before building. During the building process the wheels are bedded in, stretched, and tensioned repeatedly until they settle into their final state so they won’t go out of true or lose tension. All wheels are trued on out PK and Lie jig for maximum accuracy. We inspect, check and finish every wheel with equal care.


turn around time

We have two different turn-around times,

You can buy wheels that are instock and pre-built sent out in 1-2 days.
This includes wheels from our custom instocks, jra wheels and Industry Nine. 
Where instocks are out-of-stock we will try and turn it around in 5 days.

custom builds
Wheels that are custom builds which take the wheel build time from the front page time scale, this can vary from 6 days in winter to 3 weeks in spring and summer.
These wheels are configured in our custom wheel builder and give you exactly the wheels you want.



You can buy wheels from our website or over the phone. We can take card payments securely through both methods. We also take bank transfers in Sterling or Euros.

We don't take Pay-Pal and Amex or offer finance deals or Cycle-Scheme. The 'best price' is the price you see on our website and available to everyone. 

You are welcome to order one wheel at a time, the only time we recommend buying a pair of wheels together is when the colour choosen can be hard to anodise consistantly and you would like to ensure a good match. Black and silver hubs though do not vary.

We have extensive stock but due to the range of parts offered order many in, this does not ususally hold up the build time. Where it does we will keep you updated and give you the option to cancel or change parts.

If you find the freehub/axle etc. options are missing for a hub you want to order please order and then contact us with the extra specification, sometime the website lags behind the latest standards.

If you don't see the country you require please ask.



Please see our delivery page for current courier arrangements, you are also welcome to collect.



We only repair and re-build wheels we sell with the exception of Industry Nine. Where parts are available we can repair hubs and replace rims that are damaged or worn out. From direct rim swaps where worn out to upgrading wheels with new spokes and rim if required. These services are only available to wheels purchased from us. Current prices are on our workshop labour section.