JRA Lark & Map rims

New for 2017 JRA rims. Sourced direct from Taiwan these rims offer excellent quality whilst allowing us to build wheels at a reasonable price. 

With price increases across our product range of 20% sourcing our own rims has allowed us to absorb some of the costs keeping our wheelsets competitive. Having ridden and built these rims we have complete confidence they are as good as, if not better than other rims we have used. 

Our JRA rims are:

  • easy to set-up tubeless
  • welded seamless join 
  • matt finish 
  • wide internal width
  • easy to set up brakes 
  • light: 440g centred - 460g asymmetrical


Tubeless compatibility
All JRA rims are tubeless compatible using suitable rim tape, and can also be used with standard clincher tyres. The rims feature a small bead hook for improved tyre retention, and are designed with an internal profile which makes tubeless setup easy.


JRA Lark road brake rim

JRA Lark rim

The Lark is a 18mm wide (23mm external width) rim with matt sandblasted finish and machined braking surface used on our road wheelsets. Designed for strength, light weight and reliability with 23mm deep semi-aero profile and asymmetric rear option for even spoke tensions. Suitable for road or cyclocross. The 10mm deep brake track allows for easy brake setup, while the high quality machining process leaves a smooth surface for consistent braking.

JRA Lark rim

JRA Lark ceramic coated
Lark rims are available with a ceramic-coated braking surface. This is dark-coloured, hardened surface which improves rim life and braking performance. The life span of the coating varies depending on useage - for example, gritty conditions will accellerate wear. We recommend using the brake pads designed for these rims, available on our website.

JRA Map rim
JRA Map rim

The JRA Map rim at 19mm wide (24mm external width disk-specific rim with matt sandblasted finish used on our road disk wheelsets. The Map rims build into very stiff, durable wheels with a semi-aero profile due to the 25mm depth and curved shape. These rims are ideal for tyre widths from 25mm and up, with the 19mm internal width and bead hook providing excellent support for tubeless tyres even at low pressures suitable for cyclocross.

JRA Map rim