About Just Riding Along

We are a small business based in York, owned and run by Rebecca and Jon Webb.

We build bicycle wheels for commuting, racing or just riding along. We make choosing your wheels easy, informative and helpful.

How we started - A bit of history.

People are alway curious how we started, back in the dark ages of the inner tube - when we were keen XC racers we discovered and started playing with tubeless. Jon brought the Stans and Eclipse kits for our bikes and then started selling the Eclipse (now DT Swiss) kits to other keen racers. We started selling the Stans NoTubes along side when they developed their first tubeless rims around the year 2005. Straight away customers started asking for them to be built into complete wheels so - always having built our own, we obliged, and borrowed a wheel stand off some friends. While the NoTubes range of rims increased so did our range of wheels, requests lead us to explore beyond the rims of NoTubes to the range we have at the moment. We are always exploring new products, brands, techniques and technology as well as listening to what customers are looking for.



Jons greated achievements aren't his few top 10 Elite XC finishes but more esoteric results - UK (and European!) singlespeed champ 2003, 2nd in Masters (30-40 year old) UK national championships in 2006 and 71st in the Megavalanche in 2009, as well as having experimented in 24 hour racing, downhilll, time trials, sportives and road racing. Rebecca won bronze (Elite category) at the national champs in 2005, ranked third in the UK in the same year as well as dabbling in downhill, road racing, enduros .... and so we have a fairly broad background even if most of our current energies are spent running Just Riding Along meaning we don't often get beyond our local area - but as it's Wharncliffe woods and the Peak district - we don't really need to!


Rebecca & Jon Webb