Customer comments

The wheels are prefect. They did the Torino Nice Rally with the high gravel roads such as the Asietta etc in great form. They even shrugged off a collision with a post on the cyclepath coming out of turin!
Jra Jawbone build 1 / Sept 16

I had a few rides over the weekend on the new wheels; they seem spot on; nice and solid. They haven't broken yet either ;-)
Jra jawbone disk wheels / Aug 16

Just fitted the new wheels, and after a quick ride wanted to report back that they've completely transformed my Genesis croix de fer. Amazing! Far more comfortable and loads quicker. Also about half a kilo lighter!
Jra jawbone Centre-Lock disk lite wheels / Aug 16

Comment: First ride on my industry nine ultralite. Light,stiff super smooth bearings. won expert xc race by over 8 minutes can i ask for more.
Industry Nine Ultra-Lite 29ers / Aug 2016

Picked up wheels yesterday. They look great, really pleased, typical JRA attention to detail shines through.  Thanks again, happy customer. 10/10.
Chris King R45 laced Pacenti SL23 rims / June 2016 
Got the wheels! Worth the wait - They look the DOGS : )
Industry Nine Enduro wheels / May 2016

I just wanted to thank you for the wheels you supplied me recently - they are an absolute dream fitted with Conti GP 4000s on my Giant TCR, so stiff, smooth and fast. I will certainly be recommending you to my cycling mates.
Shimano Dura Ace / Pacenti SL23 rims April 2016
Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts getting my wheels built up and shipped in good time.. They arrived Friday morning in perfect condition.. They're a work of art!
Industry Nine Enduro wheelset / March 2016

Just a note to say thanks for the great wheels, can really tell the difference from the Askiums fitted previously. Don't look to shabby either!
Feb 16

Just got my wheels I'm blown away they look fab can't wait to get out on the trails  thanks to all your team at Just Riding Along
Industry Nine Classic hubs / NoTubes Arch EX wheels / Feb 2016

First ride out on the wheels last night... I'm amazed at how smooth the wheels are! They seemed to be effortless getting up to speed and then stayed there forever! I added 1.1mph average speed compared to the same circuit ten days ago and that's including me being a little out of condition.
Jawbone disk wheels / Jan 2016

These wheels are great, so stiff but so smooth!
Shimano Dura-Ace hubs /  Pacenti SL23 rims 06/2015

I received them on Friday afternoon and took them for their first ride on Saturday - they're noticeably quicker than my old Ksyriums so just what I wanted.
Hope Mono RS hubs / Stans NoTubes Alpha 340 rims 06/2015

I'm really really happy with the wheels!! I'm spreading the word on how well the wheels are built everywhere.
Indsustry Nine Classic hubs / Derby AM rims 02/2015

Just to say thanks again for the awesome wheel build! Finishes the bike off nicely.
Chris King ISO disk hubs / Derby AM rims 01/2015

Just a quick note to say I got the new wheels on Friday, and I’ve taken them out for a few spins now. Really pleased with them. They are straight as a die, much less flexible than my old ones, and much faster to accelerate as well as being more responsive to changes. A little more nervous in the corners but I’m getting over that. What’s more, the red-spoke ends on the black rims look superb as the they spin!
White Industries T11 hubs / H Plus Son Archetype rims 05/2014

The wheels are amazing! I'm very happy.  have just got my new bike, but im impressed because expected a dandy - smooth- nice looking wheels, they are a high performance wheels! Fantastic on flat keeping high speed easily, excellent on downhill and not felt difference climbing in comparison to lighter wheels.
White Industries T11 hubs / H Plus Son Archetype rims 04/2014

Just a note to say thanks for the great wheels, can really tell the difference from the Askiums fitted previously. Don't look to shabby either!
Hope Mono RS hubs / H Plus Son Archetypes rims 03/2014

Just a quick e-mail to say thank you for the Dually / Paul Comp wheels :-) They look fantastic and I'm really over the moon with them.
Paul Components hubs / Velocity Dually rims 03/2014

Wheels fitted on my Domane, they look the biz. Can't wait to get out for a spin.
Shimano Dura-Ace hubs / H Plus Son Archetype rims 03/2014